Fumagalli created and developed a unique post technology, registered as FUMATECH. Fumatech technology grants to our lamps the same strength features of a metal post, combined with all the advantages in terms of rust and corrosion resistance that only a resin material can offer.


Structural metal pole hot deep galvanized inside and outside by zinc bath immersion.


High Density rigid polyurethane provides lightweight and durable cohesion between the inner metal post and the outer resin cover.

Outer resin

Outer coating of a single piece without joints made of shockproof resin material:
- Rust and corrosion-free
- Paste molded colors, UV stabilized
- Self-extinguishing on fire

Steel Post Covered by Resin


Our unique production system offers many advantages; infact our lamps are :

  • protected against corrosion
  • not-fading thanks to their U.V. ray treated colours
  • double insulated
  • rigid and shockproof
  • manufactured from fireproof materials
  • light and easy to transport
  • manufactured according to European Community’s. standards

Product advantages

Anti Corrosion

Will not deteriorate even if subjected to saline or polluted environments. Lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion.

No Maintenance

No painting will ever be necessary as the colour is in the paste of the material.

Double insulation

Twice the protection and safety (class II)

UV-Ray Stabilized

Weather Proof and protected against the effects of UV rays. Ideal in hot and cold climate.

No Fertilizers agent corrosion

Will not deteriorate even if subjected to corrosive or polluted agents.

Thousands of different possible combinations

Designed to be fully interchangeable allowing thousands of different possible combinations to create your desired finish.