Bảng điều khiển 19xxx & 290x ILLUSTRIS Panels

 19xxx & 290x ILLUSTRIS Panels

 ILLUSTRIS® is a contemporary user interface with advanced lighting control features. Its sleek design incorporates touch-sensitive technology to provide an intuitive and familiar user experience. Integrated Bluetooth® connectivity expands the control possibilities to smartphones and tablets via the SceneSet® app for iOS and Android.

The panel range allows for easy-to-use control of lighting control systems and DALI Type 8 colour devices. They provide out-of-the-box ability to modify, store and recall intensity, colour temperature or colour scenes (CT and x-y). They can also be integrated into Helvar’s DIGIDIM or Imagine systems.

Designed for easy installation, the ILLUSTRIS panels consist of two parts, which are shipped separately: a DALI Interface (290x) and a Front Fascia (19xxx).

The ILLUSTRIS DALI Interface can be installed and used to operate the lighting without the Front Fascia either from the SceneSet app or from a touch-sensitive area*. A decorator’s cover protects it during the final stages of a building project, before the Front Fascia is attached.

 Key Features

  • Standalone controller and user interface.
  • Networkable on DIGIDIM or Imagine router systems.
  • Minimal setup / Out-of-box operation.
  • Capable of creating, storing and recalling four lighting scenes.
  • Intuitive touch selection of operation mode, intensity, colour temperature and colour (depending on the model).
  • Fully DALI-compatible.
  • Supports DALI Type 8 colour temperature and x-y colour presentation.
  • Available in a variety of front fascias for different controls, including customised versions.
  • Glass and plastic front fascia finishes.
  • App control via SceneSet mobile app (iOS and Android).
  • Designed to fit UK, DIN and similar back boxes.
  • Detergent and moisture tolerant, protection up to IP44 class for environments requiring high cleanliness.

Technical Data


DALI cable:

Push-fit terminals. Wire section: 0.5 mm² – 1.5 mm² solid or stranded.

Cable rating:

All cables must be mains rated.


DALI supply input:

9.5 V – 22.5 V

DALI consumption:

Typical: 22 mA @ 16 V Maximum: 40 mA @ 9.5 V

Radio operation

Wireless connectivity:

Bluetooth® Smart™

Mechanical data


19xHx: 96 mm × 96 mm 19xPx: 89 mm × 89 mm 290x: 89 mm × 89 mm


19xHx: 150 g 19xPx: 90 g 290x: 50 g


19xHx: Glass 19xPx: Acrylic (PMMA) 290x: Flame-retardant PC/ABS

IP code:


IP44 with ISBW/ISBB silicone gasket with 19xHx types fascia.

Operating and storage conditions

Ambient temperature:

0 °C to +50 °C

Relative humidity:

Max. 90 %, noncondensing

Storage temperature:

–10 °C to +70 °C

Conformity and standards

DALI standard:

IEC 62386 (Part 209: CT and x-y control only)


EN 55015 EN 61547


EN 300328 EN 301489-17




Complies with WEEE and RoHS directives.


Contains FCC ID: WAP2005.

Software compatibility


5.3.0 or later for standard panels 5.4.3 for custom panels

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