As a high-performance recessed directional LED spotlight, AGIRA PLUS rounds off the AGIRA product family – in that way concepts with different ceiling heights and area sizes can be easily implemented with one luminaire type. The spotlights can be turned through 355° and tilted in two directions through 30° in each case – which is ideal for targeted and flexible illumination of goods. AGIRA PLUS combines the advantages of a gimbal-mounted luminaire with those of a classic recessed spotlight.


The tilting artiste has got the knack and hence adjusts effortlessly to every movement in the change of assortment. At the same time, the luminaire has a single axis and does not shadow any light on the mounting ring or swivel ring. AGIRA PLUS recesssed luminaires are available with luminous flux packages of up to 5000 lumens and in all white light colours as well as special colour ranges - suited first class to the most varied demands made on the atmosphere and aura of a store and its range of goods.


Application areas base illumination, Accent lighting
Lumen category 1500 lm - 5000 lm
Light colour 2700 K, 3000 K, 3000 K - Efficient White, 3000 K - Brilliant Colour, 3500 K, 4000 K , B+V+C, M, M+F
Type of reflector Facets
Supply unit Driver
Material Die-cast aluminium
Luminaire colour RAL 9005 jet black
RAL 9006 white aluminium
RAL 9016 traffic white
Weight Approx. 1.3 kg




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