Bảng điều khiển 13xx Modular Panels

13xx Modular Panels


 The 13xx modular panels are a customisable, DALI-compatible range of user interfaces that allow control of the lighting system. Each module is fitted with indicator LEDs and an infrared receiver that gives the option of remote operation using DIGIDIM hand-held remote controls. The hand-held remote also allows additional control of the system’s functions and can be used as a programming device on simple systems.

Key Features

  • Choice of black (B) or white (W) modules.
  • Simple connection: out-of-box operation.
  • Easily reconfigured and programmable using Helvar Designer and Toolbox.
  • Designed to fit DIN and UK standard back boxes.
  • Double-gang version can take three independent modules.
  • Customisable versions available upon request. Both the button layout of the panels and the images or labels that are printed on each button can be customised. Contact your local Helvar representative for further information.



 Module Types

The following modules are available:

Module Function

Product Code White

Product Code Black

On / Off (2 buttons)

131 W

131 B

Raise/Lower (2 buttons)

132 W

132 B

4 scenes + Off (5 buttons)

134 W

134 B

4 scenes, Off + Up/Down (7 buttons)

135 W

135 B

7 scenes + Off (8 buttons)

136 W

136 B

4 scenes (4 buttons)

137 W

137 B


Technical Data



DALI cable:

Removable connector block Wire size: 0.5 mm² – 2.5 mm² solid or stranded

Cable rating:

All cables must be mains rated.


DALI supply input:

13 V to 22.5 V

DALI consumption:

10 mA


IR frequency:

36 kHz

Mechanical data


35.4 mm × 48.4 mm × 31.8 mm

Module weight:

41 g with DALI connector

IP code:


Operating conditions

Ambient temperature:

0 °C to +40 °C

Relative humidity:

Max. 90 %, noncondensing

Storage temperature:

–10 °C to +70 °C

Conformity and standards

EMC emission:

EN 55015

EMC immunity:

EN 61547


EN 61347-2-11


Complies with WEEE and RoHS directives.

DALI data transfer:

All DIGIDIM modular panels use a data protocol that conforms to the DALI protocol.


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