Bộ cảm biến Helvar - 313 Low-Profile Microwave Detector

313 Low-Profile Microwave Detector


 313 Low-Profile Microwave Detector Datasheet



 The 313 Low-Profile Microwave Detector provides occupancy detection for the automatic control of DALI lighting loads.

The unit detects movement using its highly sensitive microwave detector. It emits low-power microwave signals, and measures the reflections as the signals bounce off moving objects.

When an area is no longer occupied, the load will switch off after a certain time. This time-out period is configured using Helvar’s lighting system design and control software: Designer, or Toolbox. It can also be controlled using a Helvar infrared remote handset.

The unit can be mounted into a ceiling or wall void, or onto a solid surface using Helvar’s SBB-A or SBB-AB back boxes (available separately).

From hardware revision 4, the Low-Profile Microwave Detector can be used with a Helvar 401, 402 or 403 or a generic 12 V to 24 V power supply unit.



 Key Features



 Detects movement within the detection range allowing load control in response to changes in room occupancy.

Receives control and programming commands from a Helvar infrared remote handset (available separately).

The red LED flashes to indicate the following:



Technical Data



External power / DALI:

Removable terminal blockWire section: 0.5 mm² – 2.5 mm²solid or stranded

Cable rating:

All cables must be mains rated.


DALI supply input:

13 V to 22.5 V

DALI consumption:

20 mANote: DALI consumption is less than 2 mA when external power is supplied to the unit.

(Optional) External power:

12 V to 24 V; 0.3 W

Remote control functions

Use Helvar infrared remote handset to:

– Recall lighting scenes 1–4.– Adjust light levels.– Store current level.– Install preset levels for scenes 1–4.Note: Adjust sensitivity using Designer, or Toolbox (not by remote control unit).Factory setting for sensor sensitivity: 9 (maximum).

Microwave operating frequency


5.8 GHz

Mechanical data

Mounting hole diameter:

68 mm

Bezel diameter:

76 mm

Recommended clearance depth (incl. 50 mm for cabling):

80 mm (without protective cover)100 mm (with protective cover)

Material (casing):

Flame retardant ABS and PC/ABS


Matt / White RAL 9003


90 g

IP code:


Operating conditions

Ambient temperature:

0 °C to +50 °C

Relative humidity:

Max. 90 %, noncondensing

Storage temperature:

−10 °C to +70 °C

Conformity and standards

EMC emission:

EN 61000-6-1

EMC immunity:

EN 61000-6-3


EN 60730-1


Complies with WEEE and RoHS directives.

Version information

Software version:


Hardware version:

Rev. 4

Software compatibility


4.1 or later


2.2.16 or later


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