Bộ cảm biến Helvar - 317M High-Bay PIR Presence/Absence Detector (IP65, –30 °C)

317M High-Bay PIR Presence/Absence Detector (IP65, –30 °C)

High-Bay PIR Presence/Absence Detector (317)


The High-Bay PIR Presence/Absence Detector, in conjunction with a Helvar lighting control system, provides automatic control of lighting loads in buildings and interior spaces with high ceilings. The 317 is typically installed in warehouses and factories. It also used in other applications where mounting heights are too high for standard sensors.

The unit is compatible with Helvar’s lighting systems and configuration software, Designer and Toolbox. Once connected to a Helvar DALI network and lighting control system, the software automatically detects the unit, which can then be programmed with the required functions.



Key Features

  • Controls lighting loads based on presence/absence detection.
  • For mounting on high ceilings.
  • Fitted into ceiling tiles (or false ceiling), or surface mounted.
  • Clip-on masks to customise the detection area.
  • Simple connection and integration into a Helvar DALI control network.
  • Programmable in Designer and Toolbox.
  • Cold environment (–30 °C) version available. Order code: 317M.


Technical Data



DALI: Removable connector block

Wire size: 0.5 mm² – 1.5 mm² solid, flexible or stranded

Cable rating: All cables must be mains rated.


DALI supply input: 13 V to 22.5 V

DALI consumption: 20 mA


Presence detector: PIR: Passive infrared presence detector

Infrared receiver: For remote control commands.

Note: Adjust sensitivity using Designer, or Toolbox (not by remote control unit).

Range: 5 m – 15 m

Mechanical data

Mounting hole diameter: 68 mm

Bezel diameter: 88 mm

Recommended clearance depth (incl. 50 mm for cabling): 80 mm (without protective cover); 100 mm (with protective cover)

Material (casing): Flame retardant ABS and PC/ ABS

Finish / Colour: Matt / White RAL 9003

Weight: 120 g

IP code: 317: IP40 & IP65* 317M: IP40 & IP65*

* When the unit is mounted onto Helvar's SBB-P back box using the supplied gasket.

Gasket: Silicone ingress protection gasket (not compatible with surface mount box SBB-A)

Masks: Two adaptable masks included, each covering half of the sensor lens.

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature: 317: 0 °C to +35 °C 317M: –30 °C to +35 °C

Note: The temperature difference between the detection target and the background must be at least 4 °C.

Relative humidity: Max. 90 %, noncondensing

Storage temperature: 317: –10 °C to +70 °C

317M: –30 °C to +70 °C


Conformity and standards

EMC emission: EN 61000–6–1

EMC immunity: EN 61000–6–3

Safety: EN 60730–1

Environment: Complies with


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