Bộ cảm biến Helvar - 318 Wall-Mounted PIR Presence / Absence Detector

318 Wall-Mounted PIR Presence / Absence Detector




 Wall-Mounted PIR Presence/Absence Detector (318)


 The 318 Wall-Mounted PIR Presence/Absence Detector, used in conjunction with a Helvar lighting control system, provides automatic control of lighting loads in individual room spaces.

Typically used in spaces such as cellular offices or small meeting rooms, the 318 is also suitable for other applications where a wall-mounted sensor is preferred, or where the use of traditional ceiling mounted sensors is not possible.

A high-quality PIR (passive infrared) sensor enables the 318 to reliably detect movement in the space. The detector can switch on lights when a space is occupied, and dim (if controllable lighting loads are installed) and switch off when the space is unoccupied.

As well as the PIR sensor, the 318 has a touch control button that allows manual override of the lighting on/off, and light level adjustment if dimmable lighting is being controlled.

The 318 is in the format of a standard Helvar panel module. The module can be used with a single-gang panel surround to accommodate the 318 as a single unit. If used in the double-gang surround, the 318 can be incorporated with up to two other Helvar panel modules.

As with all the other Helvar system sensors, the 318 is compatible with Helvar’s lighting systems and configuration software, Designer™ and Digidim Toolbox™: once connected to a Helvar DALI network and lighting control system, the software automatically detects the unit, which can then be programmed with the required functions.



 Key Features

  • Controls lighting loads based on presence/absence detection
  • 5 m detection range
  • Manual Override/Dimming button built in
  • For wall mounting using Helvar panel surrounds
  • Available in black or white finish to match the Helvar button panel range
  • Simple connection and integration into a Helvar DALI control network
  • Programmable in Designer™ and Digidim Toolbox™



Technical Data




DIGIDIM terminal block for simple link-through (supplied with 318 unit);0.5 mm² – 2.5 mm² stranded or solid

Power supply

DALI consumption:

10 mA


Double isolation

Sensors and status LED

PIR sensor:

Mounted on fascia

IR receiver:

(36 kHz) for Helvar 303 remote control

Status LED:

Top left corner of fascia

Mechanical data


48.4 mm × 35.4 mm × 31.8 mm


Case: Black flame retardant ABSFascias: White and black flame retardant ABS


35 g

IP code:

IP30 (IP00 at connectors)

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature:

0 °C to +40 °C

Relative humidity:

Max. 90 %, noncondensing

Storage temperature:

−10 °C to +70 °C

Conformity and standards

DALI data transfer:

DALI standard IEC 62386, with Helvar extensions

EMC emission:

EN 55015

EMC immunity:

EN 61547


EN 61347-2-11


Complies with WEEE and RoHS directives.


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