Bộ cảm biến Helvar - 331 and 331B Multisensor for RoomSet


 The 331 and 331B Multisensor for RoomSet are the heart of Helvar RoomSet single-room lighting solution for commissioning classrooms, offices and meeting rooms. For the installer, the automatic preset programming allows for swift out-of-the-box installation, with no configuration needed.

RoomSet supports advanced graphical configuration via an easy-to-use Android app that enables a quick and simple setup for different purposes, such as presentations, lectures or conferences, or for daylight-harvesting. For commissioning large numbers of rooms, the RoomSet app allows copying room layouts, thus making the commissioning process faster and consequently more cost-effective.

The Multisensor for RoomSet has a light sensor for constant-light control, and a passive infrared (PIR) presence detector to provide energy-saving functions in a DALI system. It also hosts a microcontroller running RoomSet firmware with Bluetooth® low-energy connectivity to allow tablet-based configuration.

 Key Features

  • Excellent detection performance through high sensitivity and multidirectional coverage. Automated addressing and defaults programming to allow installer testing. Functional system just by powering on the sensor.
  • Drag-and-drop graphical configuration of rooms with an intuitive Android app. Over-the-Air upgrades via the RoomSet app to keep the system up to date with the latest available functionality. Programmable constant-light control for energy efficiency. Cost-effective deployment of large numbers of rooms

Technical Data



Removable connector block


BLE 4.1

Wire section:

0.5 mm² – 1.5 mm² solid or stranded

Cable rating:

All cables must be mains rated.


DALI supply input:

9.5 V – 22.5 V

DALI current consumption:

40 mA


Light sensor:

For constant-light functions

Presence detector:

Passive infrared (PIR)

Mechanical data

Max. recommended mounting height:

4 m

Presence detection coverage area:

46 m² @ 2.5 m mounting height

Mounting hole diameter:

51 mm +/- 1 mm

Note: If replacing older sensor then 52 mm to 55 mm mounting hole is acceptable.

Ceiling thickness:

Maximum 25 mm

Bezel diameter:

66 mm

Recommended clearance depth:

10 cm (with cable cover, incl. 5 cm for cabling)

Material (casing):

Nonflammable PC/ABS (UL94-V0)

Finish / Colour: 331:

Semi-matt / White RAL 9003


Semi-matt / Anthracite Grey RAL 7016


56 g

IP code:

IP30 [IP20 cable cover]

Operating and storage conditions

Ambient temperature:

0 °C to +50 °C

Relative humidity:

Max. 90 %, noncondensing

Storage temperature:

–10 °C to +70 °C

Conformity and standards

DALI standard:

IEC 62386

EMC emission:

EN 61000-6-3


EN 300328 EN 301489-17

EMC immunity:

EN 61547


EN 61347-2-11


Complies with WEEE and RoHS.

RoomSet compatibility


Tablet (9.7" screen or larger recommended)


Android 6.0.2 or later BLE 4.1 or later

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