Bộ điều khiển Ballasts - 472 1–10 V / DSI Converter

472 1–10 V / DSI Converter


472 DIGIDIM 1–10 V & DSI® Converter

 The DIGIDIM 1–10 V & DSI® Converter has been designed to control electronic ballasts that comply with IEC 60929 and ballasts that comply with the DSI® standards. This ensures that DIGIDIM systems are compatible with, and easily integrated into, existing systems.

The Converter can switch a maximum of 15 Helvar electronic ballasts/drivers.

The analogue 1–10 V signal and the digital DSI® signal can control 50 electronic ballasts.          

 Key Features

  • Out-of-box operation provides control using DALI standard broadcast commands.
  • For 1–10 V control, the Converter can switch a maximum of 15 ballasts/drivers. An external contactor should be used for more ballasts.
  • Converter complies with DSI® 1 and DSI® 2 standards.
  • Default light output at initial power up is 100 %.
  • Universal supply voltage operation.
  • DIN-rail mounted and only 70 mm wide.
  • Easy programming by using the group selection switch.


Additional Functions

  • Controller status report.
  • System failure level/Ignore.
  • Power on to last level.
  • Sink or source mode.
  • /Min. levels, Fade times*, Scenes* and Groups*.


* These functions are programmable using a Helvar infrared remote control.


Technical Data



Standard DIGIDIM removable terminal block 0.5 mm² – 1.5 mm² stranded or solid core


Up to 4 mm² solid core or up to 2.5 mm² stranded

DSI® / 1–10 V:

Up to 2.5 mm²

Cable rating:

All cabling must be mains rated.


Mains supply:

100 VAC – 240 VAC (nominal)85 VAC – 264 VAC (absolute)48 Hz – 62 Hz

Mains output:

10 A resistive, switched live


15 × EL-HFC ballasts/drivers(Use external contactor for additional ballasts)

External protection:

The mains supply must be protected at 10 A maximum. The relay must be protected by a 10 A Type C MCB maximum.

DALI consumption:

2 mA

Analogue output

Voltage range:

1 V – 10 V according to EN 60929

Sink current:

100 mA maximum

Number of devices:


Source mode current:

1.5 mA

DSI® output

Number of ballasts:



Complies with DSI® standard v 2.0

Mechanical data


70 mm × 58 mm × 90 mm


DIN-rail case 70 mm wide


DIN rail (installation in switchgear/controlgear cabinet)


140 g

IP code:

IP30 (IP00 at terminals)

Operating and storage conditions

Ambient temperature:

0 °C to +40 °C

Relative humidity:

Max. 90 %, noncondensing

Storage temperature:

−10 °C to +70 °C

Conformity and standards

EMC emission:

EN 55015

EMC immunity:

EN 61547


EN 61347-2-11


3 kV mains to DALI3 kV mains to 1–10 V3 kV mains to DSI®1.5 kV DALI to 1–10 V & DSI®


Complies with WEEE and RoHS directives.

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