Bộ điều khiển Ballasts Helvar - HES98020 2 × 20 A Ballast Controller

HES98020 2 × 20 A Ballast Controller


The Imagine HES98020 rack mounted control module contains two identical output units within a moulded case and is designed as an exchangeable module for fitting into ESR dimmer cabinets. It can be connected to 0-10V, 1-10V and DSI® electronic ballasts. The dimmer is provided with a three-digit LED display, normally indicating the current output level and four push buttons for manual operation and address setting

 Key Features

Full output unit status feedback via SDIM control bus permitting full system monitoring.

The unit has two freely configurable control outputs that can be set as current sources or current sinks depending on the type of load connected.

Override input for a switching contact to allow the channels to be set to a pre-programmed level inconjunction with lighting router only.


Installation Notes

The output module is specifically designed to be fitted into the ESR

dimmer rack stacker unit.It can be connected to 0-10V, 1-10V and DSI® electronic ballasts or other analogue control equipment. It can switch power up to 15 electronic ballasts and control up to 50 according to EN60929.Analogue control output connection (if used) are via a connector on the right hand side of the module. Power connections armade using terminal screws under the terminal cover on the left-hand side of the front of the dimmer. All other connections are made at the rear of the dimmer unit via a plug-in connector.


Technical Data

Electrical Input

Mains: 180 - 260 V AC, 45 - 65 Hz  (90 - 130 V AC to order)

Power Consumption: 12 W off load

Electrical Output

Control Output: 100 mA drive, capable of driving up to 50 ballasts

Output Power: 20 A relay for switching of mains to ballasts


Control Inputs/Outputs

Digital Input: RS485 S-DIM protocol (Level and fade time)

Analogue Output: 0…+10 V (Level)

Operating Conditions

Ambient Temperature: 0…+40º C

Relative Humidity: 90% max, non-condensing

Storage Temperature: -10°C…+70°C



Mechanical Data

Case: ABS polycarbonate blend two-part moulding, 130°C Vicat UL94-V0 (Halogen Free)

Conformity & Standards

Emission: EN 50 081

Immunity: EN 50 082

RFI: EN 55 014


Safety: EN 60 950

IP Rating: 30

Isolation: 4 kV

UL File No: EN191962



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