Bộ Gateway Helvar - BACnet Gateway (435)

BACnet Gateway (435)


 The 435 BACnet Gateway provides a simple interface to a Helvar router system and allows lighting system data to appear in a BACnet Building energy Management System


 The BACnet Gateway allows a BMS to control and monitor the lighting system as well as obtain device status and group power consumption information. BACnet/IP clients can easily connect with the gateway via a TCP/IP network


 Key Features

  • Operates as BACnet server
  • Helvar workgroup discovery tool
  • Helvar router selector
  • Automatic Helvar point identification
  • BACnet/IP compatible
  • Automatic BACnet instance labelling
  • COV (change of value) BACnet feature
  • Browser programming interface


 Device Limits

  • Single workgroup
  • 20 routers
  • 300 groups
  • 2000 BACnet/IP points

 Available Router to BACnet/IP Communication


Helvar router

BACnet point instance

Group or DALI device


Group scene

AV – Analogue value (read and write)

Group consumption

AI – Analogue input (read only)

Group direct level

AO – Analogue output (write only)

Router fail

BI – Binary inputs (read only)

Device missing

BI – Binary inputs (read only)

Lamp fail

BI – Binary inputs (read only)



Technical Data


Connection type:

1 × 10/100 Mb/s for TCP/IP

Default IP address:

Default subnet mask:

Power input:

9 VDC – 40 VDC

Power consumption:

300 mA @12 VDC 150 mA @ 24 VDC

Mechanical data


78 mm × 108 × 32 mm (excl. brackets) 102 mm × 108 × 32 mm (incl. brackets)


330 g per unit (excl. DIN rail clips) 410 g shipped (incl. DIN rail clips)

Operating and storage conditions

Operating temperature:

0 °C to +70 °C

Storage temperature:

0 °C to +70 °C

Relative humidity:

Max. 90 %, noncondensing

Conformity and standards

EMC emission:

EN 55032 Class A

EMC immunity

EN 55024


Complies WEEE and RoHS directives.


Helvar router firmware:

v5.2 and above

Web browsers:

Firefox (recommended), Chrome, Internet Explorer


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