TRILUX Bicult Act T COM TGCS 5500

Innovative desktop luminaire with direct light component for individual workstation illumination and indirect light component for general room lighting. With integrated light management for the synchronous daytime- and seasonally dependent control of light colour (circadian control) of both light emission surfaces. Manual setting of the light colour and separate switching and dimming of both light components via 3 illuminated operating elements. Especially suitable for equipping modern office environments and specifically for open space applications and open communication zones as a desktop luminaire for all types of fixed and height-adjustable desks, meeting tables and work tables. For lighting as part of home office applications oriented to requirements and compliant to occupational safety regulations. Also suitable for work areas with low levels of daylight supply. Triple Glare Control System (TGCS®) for glare-reduced, symmetric distribution indirect component with limited beam angle. With clear, highly scratch-resistant acrylic glass cover. Direct component with asymmetric wide light distribution with settable beam direction for optimum focusing of light on the workstation. With CDP cover. Glare evaluation (EN 12464-1) according to UGR < 16. The following information on luminaire luminous flux and power consumption of the system refer to operation of this luminaire with dynamic, settable light colour (HCL) in warm white light colour (2700 K) operating mode. Luminaire luminous flux 5580 lm, connected load 54,00 W, luminous efficiency of luminaire 103 lm/W. Division of luminaire luminous flux into indirect/direct components 90% / 10 %. Light colour variable (warm white - daylight white), correlated colour temperature (CCT) variable (2700 K - 6000 K), general colour rendering index (CRI) R a > 80. Mean rated service life L80(t q 25 °C) = 50,000 h

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