TRILUX LateraloR Act H1 BLGS 6000

Exclusive round LED suspended luminaire with direct and indirect luminous flux component. Luminaire with Active equipment for controlling light colour via separate control unit. For innovative and prestigious office lighting. For suspended mounting as single luminaire. Suspension length consists of 400-1750 mm. With Binary Light Guide System (BLGS). Optical system consisting of two fine-prismatic PMMA covers for light emission, one above the other. With direct-indirect light distribution. Indirect component with extremely wide distribution. Glare evaluation (EN 12464-1) according to UGR < 19. LED system with lateral entry of light in the Binary Light Guide System. The following information on luminaire luminous flux and power consumption of the system refer to operation of this luminaire with dynamic, settable light colour (HCL) in warm white light colour (2700 K) operating mode. Luminaire luminous flux 5600 lm, connected load 53,00 W, luminous efficiency of luminaire 111 lm/W. Light colour variable (warm white - daylight white), correlated colour temperature (CCT) variable (2700 K - 6500 K), general colour rendering index (CRI) R a > 80. Mean rated service life L80(t q 25 °C) = 50,000 h

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